About HoneyLab

HoneyLab Ltd.

HoneyLab Ltd. are a New Zealand pharmaceutical company with several platforms of clinical research, including dermatology, pain, and nutrition. HoneyLab are running the world’s largest program of medical honey research.

The founder of HoneyLab and leader of the research program is Professor. Shaun Holt. Shaun is a medical doctor and an Adjunct Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, has started two clinical trials organizations and formed Research Review, a company that produce reviews of medical research. Shaun holds Pharmacy and Medicine degrees, has been the Principal Investigator in over 50 clinical trials and has over 200 publications published in the medical literature. Shaun is a regular contributor on TV and national radio shows in New Zealand and is the author of 9 books including the bestseller “Natural Remedies That Really Work“. He was a finalist in the 2015 New Zealander of the Year Awards in the Innovator category.


Honey of New Zealand

BeeNZ is a family owned and operated business based in Katikati. David & Julie Hayes are passionate about the beekeeping industry. In 2015, David and Julie built a brand new hi-spec honey processing facility with the latest processing and packing technology. BeeNZ is a premium NZ honey exporter specializing in producing and exporting high quality honey product. The family also own and operate the successful Buzz Apiaries with over 1200 hives used for honey, pollination and venom collection. Adjacent to the processing facility is a delightful retail store selling BeeNZ honey, honey-based skin care products and bee-theme gift and homewares.

What makes BeeNZ special is that they manage the entire journey of the honey from hive to bottle. Bee health is of the utmost importance. BeeNZ is the beekeeper, extractor, processor, packer and exporter – which is a very rare occurrence in the New Zealand honey industry.

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