What is Honevo Rosacea?

For thousands of years, people have been using honey for its powerful antiseptic properties and its remarkable ability to effectively and gently treat skin conditions. The Honevo® formulation is created with pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey. Completely natural, Honevo® is calming, soothing, a strong natural antiseptic and a deep moisturizer.

All honeys are different and honeys from New Zealand tea trees, manuka and kanuka, are famous for their amazing ability to kill micro-organisms. The honey we use in Honevo Rosacea is kanuka honey – as well has very high antibacterial power, this honey also has anti-inflammatory properties making it a unique honey perfect for use as a medical treatment for skin problems. Our honey is collected by placing our hives in kanuka plantations in and around the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

We know that honey heals wounds and kills bugs, but honey that you eat is full of impurities; it is safe to eat but is not useful as a medical treatment for skin diseases as the impurities cause skin reactions.

The kanuka honey in Honevo Rosacea is medical-grade – this means that it is sterilized by ultra-filtration and pasteurization.

Our patented formulation, Honevo Rosacea, contains 90% medical-grade kanuka honey and the only other ingredient is also natural: glycerin, a common and safe moisturizer found in many cosmetics and skincare products.

To learn more about the use of medical honey for skin diseases, check out Professor Holt’s recent TEDx talk “Spreading the Cure”.

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